Jubilee weather forecast: Celebrations on 'knife edge' as downpour and thunderstorms loom


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Over the past few days, areas of the UK have been struck by intense thunderstorms with lightning, downpours and even hail. On Tuesday, sudden stormy weather set off alarms in London as hail and lightning struck. And weather forecaster Jim Dale, of the British Weather Services, warned warmer temperature may be receding.

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Asked about the forecast during the Jubilee bank holiday weekend, the meteorologist described the weather as “on a knife-edge”.

While the north and Scotland have been warned about rainfall, the Met Office suggests “above-average temperatures” are possible “particularly in the south and southeast”.

Mr Dale says, overall, it’s too early to tell.

He told Express.co.uk: “The bank holiday was on a knife-edge and there’s been a tipping point.

“The high pressure that was due to come in is no longer the case, certainly, according to the latest data.

“It’s a real topsy-turvy, as in it’s changed markedly from what it was to what it now is.”

As a result, the country will see more days of showers and cool temperatures brought by the North Atlantic pressures.

Netweather has issued a storm forecast, particularly for the northern areas of the country.

Northern Scotland will experience storms which move east over the Shetland Islands towards Norway on Thursday, it says.

Showers and storms will be most frequent towards western and northern Scotland, while risk of hail, gusty winds and localised flooding is possible.

Senior meteorologist Mr Dale also said that the stormy weather could hit the north and western areas of the country.

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He added: “The wind will propagate the bigger showers that we have seen over the last few days.

“Whether it could ease back and give us a few more days of better weather is yet to be seen.”

Speaking on Tuesday’s storm, Mr Dale had said it was caused by ‘cumulonimbus’ clouds, thunderclouds that bring lightning, hail, and even “mini tornadoes”.

He said: “Thunderstorms have the capability to give deluges, torrential rain.

“There is the potential for hail and ice pellets.

“There is also the potential, in a rare situation, of mini-tornadoes. There is the potential there for those.


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