'I’ve got butterflies’ A Place in the Sun buyer thrilled as 'cheeky' low offer accepted


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During Tuesday’s instalment of the Channel 4 show, viewers saw presenter Jasmine Harman on a mission to try and find one couple’s ideal getaway home in the Southwest of France. Despite finding a place which fell under their £100,000 budget, Simon and Lawrence decided to see if the homeowners would take £10,000 below their original asking price.

At the start of the episode, Jasmine realised she had her work cut out for her when trying to find the perfect place for the couple.

Simon and Lawrence,  who have been together for 17 years, admitted they’ve spent a lot of time in the area already and had seen 20 properties in the past.

The two men gave the Channel 4 presenter a list of requirements they had in mind and revealed their budget of £100,000.

Although Jasmine had taken them to four properties in the show, they fell in love with the fifth and final place in La Chapelle.

The home, which was being sold for £98,000 won over Simon and Lawrence and they revealed to Jasmine they wanted to put an offer in.

When discussing their decision, one of the men asked: “Can we go in at £88,000?”

Commenting on the low offer, his partner replied: “It’s a bit cheeky?”

Jasmine rang the agent to discuss the offer, which was £10,000 under the asking price.

After she got off the phone, Jasmine said to the men: “Oh my goodness it’s so nerve-wracking! 

“Fingers crossed, if they accept it and you get it for that kind of price, you are absolutely quids in.”

One of the men could be heard saying he had butterflies as he waited for the call.

The estate agent confirmed the homeowners would not go that low but had come back with an incredible counter offer.

Jasmine told the pair: “They’ve said that they would accept £92,000 and they would for that price leave all the garden machinery and also any furniture that you want from inside the house.

“£92,000, guys what are you thinking?”

Although it was clear to viewers one of the men was keen to accept the offer, one was a bit hesitant and wanted to put in one final offer of £90,000.

His partner told him to think before making the call as they were returning in a few weeks and could have a second look around.


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