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'It's very green!' Richard Hammond defends keeping classic cars in electric cars row

“There was some work done by a guy called Henry Pearman who showed that with a lot of classic cars, because their carbon footprint is so old and if you’re keeping your car for 10, 20 years, that’s 10, 20 years of which to [overcome] the impact in terms of carbon where the bulk of it happens during manufacturing.

“So it’s kind of, very green that we should be doing it, it’s a good idea to use these things.”

He added: “If you’re doing minimal mileage, keeping an internal combustion engine car going for 20 years rather than replacing an electric car every two or three years it’s probably, I don’t know, but probably a greener thing to do.

“There are plenty of arguments for it being a greener alternative to use it up and wear them out.”

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