'It will forever creep me out' Baggage handler shares 'sad' luggage item in the hold


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Baggage handlers have quite a gruelling job transferring luggage to and from check-in and departure areas, but, on occasion, their job entails a lot more than shifting suitcases. Posting to a Reddit forum, an anonymous baggage handler revealed the one item that will “forever creep me out”.

The forum was opened by the baggage handler, posting under the name of RoyalBlueEyes, who welcomed travellers to “ask me anything”.

One user asked: “Do you get the heebie-jeebies when you handle bodies?”

To this, the baggage handler said it makes them “shiver”.

They said: “It will forever creep me out, but it’s part of my job and I have to do it.” [SIC]

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The baggage handler added: “Only ones I refuse to do are kids.

“I’m a mom and the tiny boxes are too sad for me, I just can’t deal.

“And the military ones are so heartbreaking.” [SIC]

Although it’s not a nice thought, bodies are often carried in the holds on aeroplanes.

“The funeral director on the other end will take care of getting the container to the destination funeral home.”

Though the case of a body in the hold might be a little uncomfortable for some, it’s important to remember these people are often being transported home to their loved ones.

Ashes of a deceased person are also often carried on a flight, however, once again they must have certain checks approved.

This may occur if a loved one has expressed a desire to be taken overseas after death.

An expert from UrnsforAshes said: “You can carry ashes on a plane as long as you have a copy of the death certificate and a notification from the funeral director and/or crematorium.

“You should carry the ashes as hand luggage and ensure the ashes are contained within a sealable urn or box that doesn’t contain any metal.”

If you or someone you know is struggling with bereavement, Mind offers a helpful guide and useful support resources.


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