Inside Sandringham House: The Queen's 'stunningly beautiful' country retreat


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Sandringham is steeped in UK royal history.

The residence has been the private home of four generations of British monarchs since 1862. It is one of two private homes the Royal Family owns.

Balmoral Castle, located in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, is the second royal residence that is privately owned.

As opposed to properties belonging to The Crown, the Queen was free to do as she pleased with her own royal properties.

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This could include giving them to someone else or even selling them on.

Occupied royal palaces, such as Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle, are occupied by the Sovereign, held in trust for generations to come.

For this reason, Sandringham House was particularly special and sentimental to the Queen.

Her grandfather, George V, was also a great lover of the country retreat, saying it was the place he loved “better than anywhere else in the world”, reported

The Sandringham Estate is far from a sweet little country home, and it actually a whopping 8,000 hectares.

A football pitch is typically between 0.62-0.82 hectares, so this royal space is absolutely colossal.

The Queen typically spent Christmas at Sandringham House, and is joined by other prominent royals such as Prince William, Kate Middleton and their children, as well as Prince Charles and Camilla.

But what is the countryside mansion like inside?

One colossal room boasts red carpets with patterns of blue and orange.

The walls are heavily decorated with marble, etchings, ornaments and paintings.


There are cream floral armchairs for royals and guests to sit in, and the room is lit up by several lamps and candelabras.

The ceiling is also majestically adorned with marble and paintings.

The Small Drawing Room is also very floral, filled with porcelain decorations, a beautiful chandelier, portraits and gold ornaments.

A cosy table in the centre of the room boasts a little chair and tea set.

Another ground floor room is green from top to bottom, with bright walls, wooden floors and a large dining table.

The Drawing Room boasts a gilded screen holding photos of some of the earliest guests to Sandringham House, including some actors and musicians of the time.

Royal fans are understandably mesmerised by the royal home.

Instagram user @whaaatabottle said: “So beautiful, Sandringham house is so worth a visit, We are very lucky to have it so close.”

@themalthousenorfolk added: “Stunningly beautiful.”

The main eight ground floor rooms, regularly used by the Royal Family, are open to the public with the decor and contents remaining very much as they were in Edwardian times.

Sandringham House, Sandringham Gardens and St Mary Magdalene Church are all open for visitation until October 13.

The woodland play area on the estate is a child’s paradise, featuring water and sand play, treetop walkways and zip lines.


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