I was taken to hospital for stomach pain as a teen & came away with a baby – people assume the dad ditched me too

A TEENAGER has revealed how she went to hospital for stomach pain when she was 17 and walked away with a baby.

TikTok user @tailynnormann said she had had no idea that she was pregnant and her son Mason was a complete surprise. 

TikTok user @tailynnormann said she had no idea she was pregnant until she gave birth
Her family rushed her to hospital after she started experiencing abdominal pain, and she later gave birth

In a video, she explained: “Me to my boyfriend: ‘My parents are taking me to the ER for severe abdominal pain & I’m bleeding literally all over the floor.’

“My boyfriend: ‘I’m OMW (on my way) please let me know what they say, I’m really worried about you.”

Holding up their son, she said: “What he saw when he got to the hospital.”

Tailynn added more detail in a follow-up video and said she is now 19 and in her second year of college and is a stay-at-home mum.

The cheerleader continued: “Mason will be two on NYE and was a total surprise.

“I cheered throughout my pregnancy and found out about him in the ER in labour.”

To people asking if the father is still on the scene, she added: “Yes, his daddy is still around.”

People were quick to take to the comments, with one saying: “I do not claim this energy.”

Another added: “This terrifies me.”

Meanwhile, a woman didn’t know she was pregnant until her son’s head popped out in her bedroom.

And a teen didn’t know she was pregnant until 50mins before giving birth.

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