I swapped at birth but my mum realised and snuck through the hospital to find me despite staff saying I was not hers

This woman claims she was minutes away from being swapped at birth.

It was only her mother’s intuition and last minute thinking that stopped her from growing up with a completely different family.

Tiktok / Lola Saba

Lola’s story has left some people wondering if they were swapped as babies[/caption]

Lola Saba, a photographer from San Jose, explained in a Tiktok, which has 11.1 million views, that as a baby she was almost given to the wrong mother.

She began by showing an article that as a nurse was on her deathbed she admitted she swapped over 5000 babies

Lola said: “So true story, I was baby swapped.


“When my mum gave birth to me, they took me to do whatever they do with babies when they’re first born

“When they got a baby back it wasn’t me and my mum was like ‘that’s not my baby.

“She ended up leaving the hospital and they (hospital staff) were like ma’am you don’t have your baby.”

Continuing to talk about her mum, Lola said: “She was like, ‘Yes I do’ and she left with me.”

About 28,000 babies get switched in hospitals every year, temporarily or permanently, out of four million births, according to Nicholas Webb, of Talon Medical Limited, a San Antonio, Texas- based ID bracelet for newborns.

Amongst the thousands of comments, most people were outraged that her mother was put in that position in the first place as they asked: “WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN THO!??!?!”

While another found it made sense to them, as they wrote: “I hope I was swapped, that would make a lot of sense, as my family is crazy.”

“That’s so evil of someone to do,” one thought.

Another thought that a family having the wrong baby would have a butterfly affect as they thought: “That nursed caused a ton of divorces.”

“I feel like hospitals could easily mark babies so this doesn’t happen- with tamper-evident wristbands, temporary tattoos or something,” suggested another as a solution to the terrifying problem.

While one other person could relate to her unique experience as they shared: “Wait same story happened to me I was almost swapped as well,”

Getty – Contributor

Thousands of babies get switched at birth in the USA[/caption]

Tiktok / Lola Saba

Lola has ‘Almost baby swapped’ in her Tiktok bio[/caption]

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