How to plant bulb lasagne: Genius method for planting bulbs results in stunning displays


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Bulb lasagne is a gardening trend tearing through social media, which sees gardeners creating stunning displays by layering up their bulbs in a put. One such creator, The Cornish Home, posted her “spring bulb lasagne”, a video that had 99,000 plays on the app.

The gardening hack, if planted now, will leave British gardeners with a gorgeous display in the spring. What’s more, it’s a relatively quick and easy process.

Now Sproutl has created a foolproof way to recreate bulb lasagne at home and have a garden full of beautiful blooms come spring.

How to create a bulb lasagne

What you’ll need

  • Eight to 10 of each type of bulb. We’re using crocus, hyacinths, daffodils, and tulips
  • A big-ish pot. You want one that’s at least 30cm tall to get the best results. Make sure it’s got drainage holes in the bottom too
  • Peat-free compost
  • Something to add as drainage in the bottom, like broken pot shards

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How to plant bulb lasagne

  • Fill the bottom of the pot with broken pot shards or stones (helps with drainage)
  • Add 10cm of compost to the pot
  • Layer the tulip bulbs on top of the compost – pointy ends upwards – starting with a ring of bulbs around the edge of the pot, then popping a few in the middle
  • Leave a bulb’s width between each. Cover the bulbs with 5cm of compost and…
  • Layer the daffodils in a similar way – pointy end up – cover with 5cm of compost
  • Again, layer the hyacinths in a similar way – pointy ends up – cover with 5cm of compost
  • Then the crocus, and top these with a layer of compost to reach the top of the pot
  • Give them a good drink of water and then wait for spring

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When to plant bulbs

Different bulbs should be planted at different times of the year. It depends on the plant.

There are bulbs to plant all year round, from spring to the mid-winter.

For spring bulbs like daffodils, crocus and hyacinths should be planted by September.


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