Houseplant expert shares ‘best’ way to water indoor plants – ‘get to know your plants’


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Overwatering is a huge cause in houseplant death and disease and it can be hard to recover a plant which has been watered too much. However, it can be hard to know how much and how often to water indoor plants to make sure they are getting enough hydration. Speaking on This Morning, Mr Plant Geek, who has more than 40,000 Instagram followers, shared his top tips.

Presenter Vernon Kay asked: “Josie can’t keep a houseplant alive so you’re here to help with her wars. What’s the easiest thing we can do?”

Michael said: “Probably not overwater. I know you said to me earlier you think you’ve overwatered your plants.

“The best way to water your plants is to just have a reminder in your phone once a week.

“That is the day you will go round and water your plants when they need it.”

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“Rice water is also good protein for your plants.

“Old coffee grounds too. Place it on the top of the soil, it’s really good acidic pep for your plants.” 

Michael also shared top tips on looking after orchids to help them “bounce back” after flowering.

The expert said once they have finished flowering, which is usually after around 14 weeks, owners should place them in a cool room.

This will help them to rest.


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