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Horoscopes: Zodiac expert shares each star signs’ luckiest numbers – ‘Bear them in mind!’


Those born between November, 22 and December, 21 are assigned Sagittarius. 

Sagittarius’ lucky numbers are: four, 14, 56

“You’re fun, loving and reckless, you won’t listen to crazy ideas about lucky numbers, you love making your own rules,” the expert suggested. 

“And yet… Jupiter, your magnanimous ruler is associated with the number four, and your Tarot card, Temperance, with the number 14. 

“Use four and 14 as your basic lucky numbers, and if you fancy throwing them together, then multiply to 56. 

“Ruled by the planet Jupiter, Thursday is your lucky day to play.”


Those born between December, 22 and January, 19 are assigned Capricorn. 

Capricorn’s lucky numbers are: 5, 18, 45. 

Inbaal told “You absolutely love the smell of money, and the sight of watching it roll in… so get used to winning by harnessing the powers of your Tarot card: the Devil, number 15, and your planetary ruler, steadfast Saturn, linked with the number three. 

“Multiply them to make 45, your lucky number, divide them to have the number five, a beautiful prime number, and add them together to make 18, an auspicious number in many cultures.” 

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