Horoscopes today – Russell Grant's star sign forecast for Sunday, August 14


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Something is going on that you aren’t aware of, but all will shortly come to light, and when it does, you will discover developments behind the scenes will benefit you in some way. Changes at work will work out well for you when your enthusiasm and reliability are appreciated by a superior.


You are hoping to prove yourself to someone. With you being so determined to make a good job of anything you take on, no one can fail to be impressed by your achievements. A friend will be sharing some wonderful news with you, and their happiness will make you feel good, too.


An older relative will reveal past family traditions you find intriguing. You will be trusted with a secret. Money transactions centre on the home. Whether you are approaching completion of a house purchase or launching a home improvement project, you are making your money work for you.


Change is on the cards. This could mean a trip to a fascinating place and you will be glad to have the chance of this amazing experience. If you’re looking for work, a job that involves lots of travel will suit you down to the ground.


You have a number of choices ahead. Some roads will lead to dead-ends. That’s why you are trying to imagine all possible consequences before making a decision. You may not see yourself as a daydreamer as such, but you are making good use of your imagination today.


Some deep thinking could lead you to start some new kind of research, study or interest in the more mystical side of life. You’re thinking about your current outlook, your philosophies and even your religion. A home is a place of solace. Friends, your plans are making don’t interest you at this time.


You have been arranging a special surprise for someone you love, and despite the care, you have put into the planning, the day will end in a whirl of frenzied excitement. A bid on an online auction will be successful, and you will win an item you need at half the price you expected to pay.


Devoting more time to your health is giving you an attractive glow. You know what is needed to help keep you fit. A change in diet is making a difference, and recent interest in a sports or light exercise is becoming a regular habit. You have more staying-power and more energy than ever.


A charming youth can act like a spoiled child at times, but they bring joy into your life and currently, that’s what matters most. A housemate is looking for advice when a check of their financial situation has revealed a sorry state. Once you’ve juggled with a few figures, you will have a suggestion to help them out of this mini-crisis.


You will begin the day with a number of intentions. If your enthusiasm keeps up you will no doubt make a big dent in your list. What you may not have taken into consideration are the demands coming your way from others. A few unexpected favours will be asked of you.


Conversations with workmates will steer your thinking far further than the business of your everyday world. You will suddenly feel inspired to book a holiday or arrange a group trip with some particular travel companions. A chance to see a different part of the world will uplift and inspire you.


You’re coming to the end of a lengthy arrangement, and although there have been times when you wondered why you committed yourself in the first place, you should now be happy to see this brought to a successful conclusion. You have a lot to celebrate.

Russell has plenty more to say after analysing the stars, and below you will find exactly what the universe has in store for you today, Sunday, August 14.


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