'Had to help himself' Emma Willis' anguish as husband Matt plunged into drug addiction


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“Once I have something that alters my state of mind, I can’t control what happens next and so I don’t, because I like who I am. When I do that, I don’t like who I am.

“Other people in our family drink, like Emma, who has a drink occasionally but I haven’t seen her drunk for years, but it’s not in our house.”

Emma and Matt also pose a social media ban for their children, as they simply don’t see the benefit of letting them use it.

Matt said on the Sweat, Snot & Tears podcast: “Well we’ve kind of just had to say no for a while because we watch The Social Dilemma and docs about it.

“I can’t see much good from it for kids. I can’t see why, I can see lots of why not.”

You can watch Emma Willis on The Big Breakfast at 10am on Channel 4


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