GB News: Psychologist slams Parliament's ‘boozy environment’ amid sexual misconduct claims


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Boris Johnson was told 56 MPs, including three members of his own Cabinet, are currently under investigation by the House of Commons for sexual misconduct, although their names have not been revealed. Talking about the personalities and the incident, Dr McCartney said: “I think it would be a bit unfair to call all politicians sexual deviants, but what you do have is a job that attracts a certain type of personalities.

“If you think about the job of the politicians, whether that’s a global, national or even a local politician, there’s a certain cache that goes with it and of course the type of people that are going to be attracted to that, have a certain type of personality.

“Not all of them, but a higher proportion than say you may find in a shop say for instance my local Sainsbury’s, that’s a good show of what normal people would be.

“You wouldn’t get a lot of people that have that kind of personality that is attracted to that.”

When discussing why it arises in that career field, she added: “People in politics historically have been protected.

“They have got up to all sorts of nefarious things and they have been protected. It’s only when a big scandal comes out.

“I have read a lot about this week that there is this boozy environment, as if it’s an excuse.

“There are a lot of boozy environments and there is no porn watching and groping going on on an industrial scale, which we’re led to believe is happening in Parliament.”

Green Party MP Caroline Lucas asked the Prime Minister this week if the complaints against the ministers were upheld whether this would be grounds for them to be sacked.

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She raised the issue at Prime Minister’s Questions, three days after an unnamed Tory was condemned for making a “Basic Instinct” slur about Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner.

The remarks by the unknown Conservative have been widely attacked including by Mr Johnson.

The MP told the Commons: “Fifty six member of this House are under investigation for sexual misconduct and that includes three of his Cabinet ministers.

“The Prime Minister has said there can be no place for sexism and misogyny in this House. So can he now confirm whether he considers whether sexual harassment apparently unlike bullying and lying is grounds for dismissal under the ministerial code.”

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The exchange comes after the Sunday Times reported at the weekend that the 56 MPs had been referred to the Independent Complaints and Grievance Scheme (ICGS) over about 70 separate complaints.

The allegations involving the 56 include making sexually inappropriate comments and more serious wrongdoing, the paper reported.

At least one complaint is believed to involve criminality and concerns an allegation than an MP bribed a member of staff in return for sexual favours.


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