GB News: Ex-Brexit Party MEP slams SNP over devolution 'disaster' – 'Abolish Holyrood!'


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Mr Habib claimed that Holyrood should be abolished and denounced devolution as a “half-baked Tony Blair creation”. The statement was made after ex-Chancellor Rishi Sunak and Foreign Secretary Liz Truss called for extra scrutiny of the “secret” Scottish Government.

Ms Truss and Mr Sunak both announced plans to curb the secrecy surrounding the Scottish Parliament through different proposals.

The Foreign Secretary vowed to give MSPs special legal protection which allows them to be more outspoken as they scrutinise decisions made by the SNP.

Meanwhile, Mr Sunak claimed that he would make sure the Scottish Government publish consistent data on the delivery of public services so its performance could be assessed against other parts of the UK.

He also promised to make it a requirement for Scotland’s most senior civil servant to attend Westminster annually to explain what was going on in Holyrood.

Sharing his views, Mr Habib said: “They (SNP) have used devolution like a soapbox for grievance politics. They can get up on that soapbox.

“They can complain about Westminster, they can pass policies for which they will not be held to account.

“And if everything goes pear shape, they will come begging bowl in hand, which Nicola Sturgeon did recently to Westminster asking for more money. I mean the real problem here isn’t the SNP.

“The real problem here is devolution, which was a half-baked Tony Blair creation, really we should roll back completely.

“I agree entirely with one of your viewers who said that Holyrood should be abolished.

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In the mid-1970s, the pressure for reform grew, prompting Jim Callaghan’s Labour Government to put forward a law to create a Scottish Assembly.

However, the Act required a referendum voted on by 40 percent of the Scottish electorate.

In the referendum of 1 March 1979, the devolution scheme was supported by 52 percent of those voting.

But this amounted to only 33 percent of the electorate so the scheme could not go ahead.

Following this, there was a vote of no confidence in the Labour Government, which was defeated at a general election in May 1979.

The Act was “repealed” (cancelled) in June 1979.

However, Mr Habib claimed that the real threat to the United Kingdom is from Northern Ireland.

He said: “On the Union of the United Kingdom, the real threat right now is not from Scotland.

“The real threat is from Northern Ireland which as we know has been substantially left behind in the European Union, Stormont isn’t functioning, we have an elected party in Stormont that is openly hostile to the United Kingdom.

“It won’t take up seats in Westminster, atleast the SNP does take a seat up in Westminster and engage at a genuine United Kingdom level.

“We have got a first Minister in waiting in Northern Ireland who was recently bullying up a terrorist.

“That is the state of devolution and something fundamentally has to change in the way we structure the country and I hold Tony Blair responsible.”


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