Footage emerges of Russian base burning after devastating explosion 'Enemies stationed'


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Footage has emerged on the social media platform Telegram which shows a huge blaze pouring smoke into the night sky. The attack on the Russian depot from Ukrainian forces occurred overnight on August 23 to 24.

Andriy Vavilov, a correspondent from Zaporizhzhia, discussed the destruction of the depot on Public Radio.

Vavilov said: “That night in Tokmak, apparently Armed Forces of Ukraine liquidated an enemy warehouse with ammunition.

“This is not the first time that explosions have been heard in this town, where enemy troops are stationed.

“The previous time, in July, the Armed Forces also liquidated a warehouse with ammunition and equipment there.”

A Telegram user posted footage of the burning depot with the caption: “This is so that Muscovites don’t think like is a raspberry.

“The warehouse of BC Rashist in the temporarily occupied Tokmak of the Zaporizhzhia region is on fire.”

At the end of last month, Ukraine praised the donation of HIMARS to their forces by the United States in their ability to destroy Russian ammunition bases.

In July, Ukraine claimed to destroy 50 ammunition depots with HIMARS and attacks on such bases have recently increased with multiple depot fires in Kherson, Donetsk, and Belgorod.

The news of the latest attack from Ukrainian forces comes after Europe’s largest nuclear power plant in Ukraine was disconnected from the national grid and Putin demands more troops.

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“Russia has put Ukraine and all Europeans in a situation one step away from a radiation disaster.”

The UN nuclear watchdog IAEA are hoping to send experts to the plant within a matter of days to assess the damage.

While Putin continues to deny shelling the nuclear plant, the Russian President signed a decree on Thursday which may bring in an extra 137,000 service personnel to the military over the next few months.

According to Western officials, Russia has suffered severe losses during this conflict with approximately 70-80,000 troops being killed or wounded since the invasion in February.


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