'Flying the British flag high' UK to be EV 'leader' as SECOND gigafactory plans unveiled


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The UK-based company is currently building a major electric battery manufacturing plant, also known as a “gigafactory”, in Northumberland. As carmakers around the world gradually phase out petrol and diesel cars, Britishvolt believes that their gigaplant could turn the UK into a major force in electric vehicle manufacturing. However, according to a new report by the Faraday Institution, the UK is still at risk of falling behind, as EU countries, particularly Germany, are set to rapidly scale up production.

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The authors of the report added: “Demand for UK EV battery manufacturing capacity will reach over 100 GWh per annum in 2030, predominately for private cars and light commercial vehicles (LCVs). 

“This demand is the equivalent  of five large gigafactories running at full capacity.”

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Britishvolt CEO Orral Nadjari noted that in order to achieve the 100GWh target, the UK needs “more gigaplants”.

He said: “From our perspective, this is a company that is proudly British, but is passionately global. 

“Our strategy is to promote homegrown talent, to create homegrown intellectual property.

“The way I see it, ideally, the vision is to hold that British flag high and export UK Intellectual property globally.

“We see ourselves in America in the next three to five years and definitely with a second factory in the UK in the next five to 10.

“That is to help match the forecast domestic demand of 90-100GWh”

The Faraday report notes that while the switch to electric vehicles could put the UK automotive industry at risk of collapsing, with partnership from investors, Britain “could become a leader in the production of both batteries and EVs. 

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Last month, Britishvolt announced that it will build a £200million battery scale-up facilities in the West Midlands, which will create new cell formats to help make “higher performance, production-ready and cheaper batteries for EVs”.

They believe that this facility, combined with the gigafactory, could help incentivise more carmakers to set up shop in the UK.

Additional reporting by Callum Hoare.


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