Face yoga massage to reduce eye wrinkles and de-puff skin in five moves


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Ksenija Selivanova is a blogger and YouTuber with an audience who is obsessed with her face yoga routines. The qualified face massage expert runs The Moments, a platform boasting 181k Instagram followers and 152k YouTube subscribers. She focuses on intuitive and holistic wellbeing.

Ksenija promotes a full-body approach lifestyle. She shares massages “to help you feel and look good naturally” as well as pilates workouts.

She detailed a routine to smooth the eye area with six simple steps.

Face yoga to depuff the area and improve the appearance of lines

1. Apply facial oil to your face. This is an essential step. Doing face yoga without an oil or cream cause tugging on the skin, increasing the look of wrinkles and causing microtears.

2. Massage around the ears and the neck to warm up the lymph nodes.

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Why does face yoga work?

All the evidence to suggest face yoga work is anecdotal, although that doesn’t mean it is not valid.

Many of those who have used face yoga have testified to benefits including glowing and smoother skin.

A study in 2018 found participants who did regular face yoga reported fuller faces after 12 weeks.

Proponents claim exercising facial muscles improves the structure of the face, making one look more youthful.

Massage is said to help with lymphatic drainage, which in turn reduces puffy skin and boosts circulation to the face.

Best face yoga moves

Lion’s breath

Open your mouth, stick out your tongue, and stretch your tongue toward your chin while exhaling.

Brow smoother

Press your fingertips from the centre of the forehead outwards towards the temples.

Face tapping

Gently tap the skin with your fingers, all the way down from your forehead to your jaw.


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