Eurovision 2022: How much does the UK pay to enter?


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The Eurovision Song Contest is back on screens this weekend in Italy, this time moving over to BBC One. Graham Norton will be providing his usual commentary, entertaining viewers with his quips. The UK makes one of the highest contributions to the competition, but how much do they pay?

How much does the UK pay to enter Eurovision?

Some Eurovision fans were perhaps surprised to hear the UK would be returning and contributing financially to the 2022 contest.

Although they did not score a single point last year, the country was determined to make a comeback.

This year’s entry, Space Man by Sam Ryder, has already been backed by fans across the globe and the TikTok star is now second in the running to win the competition.

He did not take part in the semi-finals earlier this week, as the UK is one of the Big Five along with Spain, France, Germany and Italy.

The UK makes one of the biggest contributions to the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), which runs the contest.

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Due to the BBC’s membership in the EBU, the UK is automatically granted entry into the finals.

The BBC has not disclosed how much it pays for the contest, but following a 2012 Freedom of Information request, the corporation said in 2010 it had paid £283,190 ($390,000) for membership to the EBU.

Over a decade later, it could be that figure has risen and has contacted the Eurovision press team for more information.

The UK’s Sam Ryder caught up with hosts Rylan Clark and Scott Mills during the second semi-final on Thursday.

“I just want to do everyone proud, and do the best job I possibly can.”

He disclosed it only took 10 minutes to write the song, Space Man, which was penned over a year ago.

He said: “We smashed it! As a songwriter you sometimes get those hole-in-ones, and I’m just so grateful because it’s not overdramatic for me to say that it changed my life.”

The BBC has also been documenting the star’s Eurovision journey, which is available to watch on YouTube and BBCiPlayer.

Sam is on Instagram and he has been sharing some behind the scenes insight with fans.

He shared a rehearsal snap, which revealed his amazing outfit for the grand final.

He said: “AHHH THIS OUTFIT. Huge love to @luke_jefferson_day and @jennykingembroidery 210+ hours of work and over 15,000 pearls beads & magic gems giving me that spirit to roar like a lion!” [Sic]

The performer also shared a video of himself singing along with Sweden’s Cornelia Jakobs from a hotel lobby.

Addressing the pressure ahead of the final, he said: “I think if you tell yourself you’re under pressure, you’re starting off on the wrong foot.

“It’s hard to break out of that. So instead, I’m telling myself I’m excited and grateful and thankful to have the opportunity.”

Eurovision 2022 returns to BBC One on Saturday at 8pm.


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