Energy crisis: UK strikes major deal with Chad for ‘substantial investment’ in green energ


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It comes as an energy crisis has sent ripples through the UK, with millions facing fuel poverty. But as Britain grapples with soaring bills, it is also taking the time to invest “substantial” amounts in energy projects around the world. Savannah Energy plc, which is focused on energy projects, has struck a deal with the Republic of Chad’s Government to deliver electricity to the Doba Oil Project and the towns of Moundou and Doba in Southern Chad, and its capital, N’Djamena.

The first initiative in “Project Savannah” will see a 300 MW solar farm and battery energy storage system (“BESS”) set up in Komé, Southern Chad.

This will make the Centrale Solaire de Komé, and largest solar project in sub-Saharan Africa, not including South Africa.

The project is set to help deliver vast amounts of clean energy to the surrounding towns of Moundou and Doba.

Work is expected to begin in 2023, with power coming online in 2025.

The second project will see solar and wind projects deliver up to 100 MW of power to the capital city in the Centrales d’Energie Renouvelable de N’Djamena initiative.

Another BESS will be set up which could generate power round the clock 24/7.

This is also set to come online in 2025 or 2026.

Minister of Petroleum and Energy of the Republic of Chad Djerassem le Bemadjiel said: “We are delighted to work with Savannah on these two potentially transformational power projects for Chad.

“Our country is blessed with a significant renewable energy resources and we are excited that a leading British company such as Savannah is seeking to harness this resource to provide utility-scale power to our country.

“I warmly welcome the projects and Savannah’s entry into the Chadian power sector.

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Mark Matthews, Ambassador of the United Kingdom to the Republic of Chad, said: “I am delighted that a British company, Savannah Energy, is making such a substantial investment in renewable energy in Chad.

“Chad has plentiful resources of renewable energy which, through investments like this, can be harnessed to develop the economy and improve the lives of Chadians. This is a further example of UK commitment to Chad.”

Andrew Knott, Chief Executive Officer, Savannah Energy, commented: “Both of these represent a major vote of confidence in Chad by Savannah and have the potential to contribute to a transformative change in the country’s GDP over the course of the coming years, as well as bringing the significant quality of life benefits associated with access to regularised power to the regions in which the Projects are situated.

“The Projects represent one of the largest ever foreign direct investments in Chad and are believed to the largest ever by a British company.”

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This comes after it was revealed has been exporting record levels of energy to France, even as a price cap increase in the UK threatens to throw millions of Brits into poverty.

According to Ying-Chin Chou, a senior gas analyst at S&P Global Commodity Insights, since April, the pipelines sending gas from Britain to Europe had been “maximised”, with British consumers receiving a “substantial” discount to the export market as a result.

Data from S&P shows that since February, the UK has been exporting energy, rather than being an importer, with far higher exports than the 2016-2019 average.


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