'Effective long term' How to get rid of moles – 6 methods the experts 'swear by'


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Moles may seem cute to some people but they can end up leaving you with significant garden costs depending on how destructive they end up being. The little mammals construct intricate networks of tunnels and mounds in the ground and quickly kill or damage the plants, grass, and trees in your outdoor space.

If you’re concerned you might have moles in your garden the first step is to correctly identify their presence.

Look around for any obvious signs of damage that they may have left behind.

Typically, there are four key giveaways that show moles are pottering around your property.

They are:

Dead grass – As moles make their tunnels, they disrupt the root systems of nearby grasses, killing the grass at surface level and leaving dead patches in their wake.
Molehills – When moles dig their tunnels, they act like mini excavators, moving all that dirt out of the tunnel and up to the surface, creating a tell-tale, mounded molehill at the tunnel entrance.
Mounds that are far apart – Moles make entrance and exit mounds that tend to be about six feet (1.8 metres) apart.
Chunks of dirt – As you evaluate the mounds in your yard, look for clumps of soil, which is a sure-fire sign of moles.

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Fill the trench with rocks or line it with wire mesh or hardware cloth with holes ¾ wide or smaller.

The experts said: “This is a time-consuming but effective, long-term solution to keep moles from burrowing their way into your yard.”

5) Create an unfriendly environment

Moles don’t like to live in disruptive areas. This is good news for you since it means getting rid of them can be as easy as creating an unpleasant environment.

To do this, purchase a sonic spike from your local home and garden store and insert it into the ground in your garden.

The spike will use electronic pulses to create irritating sounds that encourage the moles to go elsewhere.


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