'Easy, quick' and natural way to get rid of ants using 30p fruit you have in your home


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Garden enthusiast, Megan London, has been gardening for over two decades. She aims to teach simple gardening to the members of her community. She posts clever tips and tricks on her TikTok account where she has 366,000 followers and has amassed 1.8 million “likes”.

One simple hack will eradicate ants from your garden, she claims.

The clever trick has around 256,000 likes on the app and has been shared 12.4k times.

She detailed the “easy, quick way to get rid of ants, naturally without killing – I don’t know, you, your garden, your family, your pets, everyone, using oranges.”

Megan explained how it’s done, using leftovers from your orange. Cooking them on the hob with water will create a toxic mixture for the ants.

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She explained: “Orange oil removes an ant’s waxy coating, causing them to suffocate.”

Orange peel is particularly effective on red ants, according to experts.

Red ants, called fire ants in the UK, can be found all across the UK. They have red bodies and bite, which is particularly unpleasant for gardeners.

Boiling water is an effective method for killing ants and destroying ant colonies. Adding the orange gives an extra kick to help see the unwelcome pests off.

The tip comes after another gardener detailed his non-chemical way to get rid of ants. 

The garden content creator posts his clever tips and tricks on his TikTok account @permacultureplants. 

So, how exactly does it work? The gardening expert explained introducing neighbour colonies of ants can help.

“Scoop from one ant pile and put it on the other. And one day later, no more ants,” he said.

The garden aficionado explained: “The ants are extremely territorial, so all you have to do is let nature take its course.”

How to get rid of ants

  • Place lemon peels around your house and use citronella candles
  • Spray ants with peppermint oil diluted in water
  • Create a talcum powder barrier around your doors and windows

Cleaning icon Kim Woodburn shared her brilliant advice on how to get rid of ants. 

Kim suggested a tool, a bait station, to collect all the ants in your home with minimal effort.

She said: “I use a disc, which is the size of a jam jar lid. The ants gather around it and then you can get rid of them when they have all collected.”


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