EastEnders theory: Rainie Highway to lose baby Roland as Stuart struggles with addiction


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For months, Stuart (played by Ricky Champ) has been delaying his surgery after his diagnosis of breast cancer. He was told by the doctor the best chance of a cure would be to have surgery to remove the tumour. However, he feared after the operation, he would become too dependent on the painkillers and become addicted to the drugs. According to official soap spoilers, after finally having the operation, Stuart begins to struggle and could put his new happy family at risk.

Stuart has had problems with drugs in the past, and he knew any surgery would mean being prescribed some heavy painkillers.

He feared this could put him back on the path of addiction, a thought that terrified him enough to delay the operation and live with the cancer.

Stuart tried to treat the cancer himself with alternative remedies and food supplements, but he was finally persuaded to go to the doctor.

Despite his best efforts, he was given the devastating news the delay in treatment had meant the tumour had grown.

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In upcoming scenes, Stuart’s fears of addiction are once again heightened when he sees Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) sneaking alcohol into a drink, as she battles with alcoholism.

He confides in Rainie (Tanya Franks) about his fears of being addicted to the painkillers after surgery, but she assures him she will be by his side throughout the whole process.

After his surgery, Stuart claims to Rainie and the doctors he isn’t in any pain and won’t be needing any medication.

However, when Vi Highway (Gwen Taylor) sees Stuart struggling to tend to their son Roland, she senses he isn’t being truthful about his pain.

However, after Bernie Taylor (Clair Norris) gave birth to Roland, keeping their surrogacy agreement, Stuart was left with no option other than to tell the truth.

Stuart admitted to Rainie he was worried about not being around for his son if he couldn’t fight off the cancer.

If his illness killed him, his worst fears of leaving Roland without a father would come true, especially as it brought back memories for him as a child.

As a boy, Stuart was mistreated by his own father, Jonno Highway (Richard Graham), who failed multiple times to step up to the plate as a parent not only for him but also for his brother Callum.

Vi noticed how anxious Stuart became about his cancer and turned to Rainie and assured her that she would be around to help the family.

She returned to Walford after she left the Square in November 2021, when a dark family secret was revealed.

With the support of his family, will Stuart overcome his fears of becoming addicted to painkillers or he could he destroy Rainie’s plan?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.


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