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Drivers issued frost warning to 'ditch the bank card' when de-icing their vehicles

Edd Barclay, Motor Product Manager at MoreThan has encouraged drivers to get clued up on the ‘“do’s and don’ts” as temperatures drop. He said de-icing a car may seem like a “chore” but warned ensuring drivers can see properly was “vital” in bad weather.

He said: “Last year we recorded more windscreen damage claims in the colder months, so it’s really important we ensure the right information and guidance is out there for drivers to get on the roads safely in icy conditions.

“Whether you’re a new driver or daily commuter, de-icing your windscreen may seem like a chore you want to hide away from.

“But ensuring visibility in poor weather is vital.

“We want to make it easy for drivers to get where they need to in the winter months and keep safe on the roads.

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Overall, More Than said insurance claims for windscreen repairs or replacement went up by 19 percent in the winter months last year.

One in five drivers under the age of 35 said they had damaged their windscreen after clearing frost.

Research shows this cost each driver around £143 to repair or replace the glass as a result of the damage.

But the rise of household hacks may not necessarily be the fault of the drivers.

However, she revealed doing so had “torn through” a few cards in the process.

She said: “On cold mornings, make sure the first thing you do is check the visibility in your car.

“Don’t be a fool like me who has, in my past, put warm water onto a frozen screen in a bid to de-ice it quickly; or torn through a few credit cards whilst scraping ice off as well.”

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