Driver beats UK record after receiving £117,000 worth of driving fines


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A driver from Islington, London received just under 600 (588) parking fines between December 2020 and March 2022. The motorist, who drives a Honda, must have paid almost £200 per ticket as penalties increase if they are not paid promptly.

The fines were registered by Islington Council in north London.

The authority said that it is still chasing the driver for payment, The Sun reported.

According to the figures released by the council, the total amount of fines was the highest for a single driver last year in the whole country.

It is also believed that the motorist has beaten the record for most fines ever issued to one motorist.

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Edinburgh is the worst city for reprimanding drivers outside London, with over 850,000 fines issued.

Kensington and Chelsea employ the most traffic wardens (108) – that’s one in seven of the borough’s population.

Middlesbrough’s drivers are penalised the least, with only 35,000 parking fines issued.

Half of the top 10 ticket hotspots are in England’s capital, with a total of 3.9 million London motorists penalised in four years.

Drivers have also been warned to never ignore a parking fine.

Laura Newton, solicitor and partner at law firm, Smith Bowyer Clarke, specialises in Road Transport Law and Motoring Law.

She told WalesOnline: “Never ignore a parking fine if you receive one.

“Your local council is open to communicating with you, and, if they apply, will consider discretionary reasons or circumstances surrounding your fine.

“Hoping the fine will automatically go away will only make the situation worse. If you do ignore it, it can become enforced by the courts.

“You can contest the fine as long as you believe you have a genuinely valid reason to do so.”


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