'Don't panic': Follow 5 key steps to protect your lawn from frost and icy temperatures


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Carlos Real, Lawn Care Expert and Managing Director of TotalLawn, tells us what we need to be doing when we get frost on our lawn

As we see an increase of sub-zero temperatures across the UK, the conditions are becoming increasingly risky for our lawns. If, like many of us, you’ve woken up to a frosty lawn this week, then you need to make sure you’re putting the necessary steps in place to give your lawn the best possible chance of surviving the extremely cold weather.

Don’t mow your lawn

Please do not mow your lawn when there has been frost overnight. This can’t be emphasised enough.

During this next week, we will continue to see a lot of frost outside so we should refrain from mowing our lawns. During this extremely cold spell, the grass blades will be extremely vulnerable and brittle, so if you mow your lawn you will end up causing severe damage and break the grass plant.

In addition to this, because the weather will be so cold, the grass plant won’t be able to heal from this damage which will cause even further issues for your lawn as time goes on, and make it harder for you to revive your lawn once the weather begins to get warmer.

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Don’t walk on it

As previously mentioned, the grass plant is extremely vulnerable during the winter, especially when it’s frozen, any pressure that is applied to it will result in the grass plant breaking. Therefore, if possible, you should avoid walking on your lawn whilst it’s still frosty.

By avoiding your lawn, you will be reducing the risk of it becoming under even more stress and causing any more damage. Wait until your lawn has thoroughly thawed before walking on it.

Even though your lawn might look defrosted, you should always double-check the ground before walking on it. Simply, tap the soil, if it’s got no give then this means the ground is more than likely still frozen, therefore it’s best to wait a little longer.

Don’t panic!

If your lawn does end up becoming severely damaged due to the cold weather, then don’t panic. You are limited in what you can do when the weather is still at sub-zero temperatures. No matter how damaged your lawn gets, even if it needs completely re-seeding, you can always fix your lawn when the weather gets warmer.

It’s important to know what to do when you have a frosty lawn, so you don’t cause any further damage. Taking the right precautions will reduce the risk of causing any more damage to your lawn and will be more beneficial for you when Spring comes back around.



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