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DIY transformation: Woman transforms hallway and stairs for less than £200 – top tips

Renovating areas of the home such as the hallway and stairs can be expensive, with the stairs being a tricky job to complete. However, UK radiators spoke to Hayley, 33, based in Kingston upon Hull about her hallway and stair renovation. Documenting her DIY journey on Instagram, Hayley managed to transform her hallway for under £200.

Describing her interior taste, she said: “I’m still very much exploring colours, patterns and textures that I like. 

“I definitely like to use a lot of bright colours and bold patterns and I tend to mix and match these together and hope it works!

“My favourite transformation in our house has got to be our hallway and stairs. We didn’t keep track of what we spent on transforming the hallway but we managed to keep it under £200.”

Using a combination of materials, the DIY fan used paint, adhesive floor tiles and sandpaper to transform her hallway to a bright-coloured and homely space.

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“The walls weren’t in the best condition, so we considered getting them re-plastered but we figured we could sort the walls ourselves by just filling the holes and sanding them down.”

After all the prep had been completed, Hayley started painting the hallway, painting the lower half of the walls dark grey, and the top half in a blush colour.

The DIYer added: “For the flooring downstairs, we used cut and stick tiles which are really easy to use and look great for a fraction of the cost of real tiles.

“The last thing to do was add the finishing touches, we up cycled an old mirror using patterned sticky vinyl, added fake plants, hung prints and pictures and added lampshades.

“We also had a boiler upstairs which we wanted to hide, so my husband built it into a cupboard, which also created lots of storage space.

“Everything we do around the house is done on a budget. We like to try and reuse and upcycle things around the house that we already have.

“It means a lot of time and graft but it’s totally worth it when we see the end transformation.”

Hayley has also saved lots of money in other areas of her home, including the kitchen where she upcycled the original cupboards by painting them.

She added: “Just give it a go. There are tonnes of videos and stuff on the internet that will give you tips on how to get the job done.

“We’ve always done this, everything we have done in the house has been self taught, we’ve just had a go at it and figured, if we can’t do it, then we’ll get a pro in…we haven’t had to do this yet.”

Hayley also recommends spending time on the preparation before going in with the paint.

She said: “This will get you the best finish. We’ve found stripping stuff back to its original state works really well and getting rid of any imperfections before you start adding your finishing colours and details helps to get an almost professional finish, without paying a professional price.”

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