'Disruptive!' Khan slammed over single market pledge as Tory MPs issue Brexit warning


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Sadiq Khan made the comments during an interview with LBC Radio on Thursday. The former Tooting MP argued that rejoining the single market would be the “quickest” way to stimulate growth and would increase it “almost overnight”.

He said:”Let’s accept we left the EU, because it is clearly a fact we have… If your obsession is growth, the easiest way, the quickest way to get growth is to join the single market.

“You are still outside the EU, but by joining the single market you increase growth almost overnight.

“And by the way, what does it do to the confidence of the market? It boosts it.”

However a number of Tory MPs have hit back criticising Mr Khan’s pledge on Twitter.

Mark Jenkinson, MP for Workington referenced Liz Truss’ speech about an “anti-growth coalition” and argued that Labour wanted the UK to rejoin the EU.

He said: “This is the anti-growth coalition in action.

“@UKLabour are clear, they want to drag us back into the EU.”

Sara Britcliffe, MP for Hyndburn, added that Mr Khan’s comments reflected Labour’s true policy, despite contrasting with Sir Keir Starmer’s pledge not to rejoin the single market.

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North West Durham MP Richard Holden went further and described Mr Khan’s proposal as “hugely disruptive” and could prevent the UK from completing future trade deals.

Mr Holden also argued that Mr Khan’s comments indicated that Labour was “still obsessed” with the EU and want another referendum.

He said: Rejoining [the] Single Market would be hugely disruptive, go against #EUref & elections and mean we could not do new deals across the world with countries that are set to grow rapidly.

“It’s clear Sir @keir_starmer’s @uklabour are STILL obsessed the EU & clearly want ANOTHER referendum.”


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