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Daily horoscope for November 26: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

The Moon is in Virgo today, forcing us to take ourselves seriously and do what’s best for our health, personal life and career. This motivation is backed up by the grounding Saturn sextile Chiron transit, which makes us feel like moving forward peacefully and not creating conflict. What else is in store for today? reveals your horoscope, star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast for November 26.

The main astrological event of the day is the Moon moving from Leo to Virgo.

While the Moon continues in Leo in the morning it opposes Jupiter, and it can be tempting to push our boundaries with affection and creations.

Cafe Astrology said: “This is called ‘borrow from the future’ energy, and we should be careful not to commit to something for which we don’t yet have the resources.”

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Saturn sextile Chiron encourages us to express our unique qualities.

Cafe Astrology explains: “We tend to go our own way without stirring up controversy by acting professionally and respectfully.

“There’s no need for show-boating with this aspect! It helps humble us, and with increased realism, we can pursue our goals with better chances of success.

“As the last in a set, it’s a good time to consolidate some of these lessons we’ve absorbed over the previous nine months.”

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