Coronation Street theory: Leanne Battersby fights for her life after Spider Nugent attack


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Spider Nugent (played by Martin Hancock) has recently reunited with his former flame Toyah Battersby (Georgia Taylor) on Coronation Street. Toyah welcomed Spider back to the cobbles with open arms as she need someone to turn to following her husband Imran Habeeb’s (Charlie De Melo) death. However, a protective Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) might end up being hospitalised after confronting Spider about his intentions with Toyah. 

Toyah is still awaiting her trial over the death of Imran on Coronation Street, but she is still claiming the car crash they were involved in was an accident. 

Coronation Street viewers will also know Toyah has been growing closer to her ex Spider following his return to the cobbles. 

In upcoming scenes, Toyah invites herself along to a protest he is involved in.

However, the troublemaker becomes uneasy when a fellow protester named Griff introduces himself to Toyah. 

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Following the protest, Spider tries to convince Toyah that Griff is a loose cannon and warns her to steer clear of him as she is on bail.

When Leanne realises Spider and Toyah have been rekindling their romance, she angrily accuses him of leading her stepsister astray. 

Leanne predicts disaster is around the corner for Toyah, but could she be the one in danger? 

Will Spider ask Leanne to keep her nose out of his business after she confronts him about his return to Weatherfield?

“She’s definitely grateful for the distraction he brings and the kindness,” the star told Digital Spy. 

“She doesn’t really have a lot of friends. People like Alya have very much turned against her and she’s getting all this vitriol from Saira, Imran’s mum. 

“It’s a bit of kindness when you’re feeling vulnerable and she latches on to that.”

Martin, who portrays Spider, previously teased his character would be keeping a secret from Toyah. 


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