Coronation Street theory: Beloved couple torn apart after James Bailey exits Street


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Aggie (played by Lorna Laidlaw) has been lending an ear to Tim (Joe Duttine) ever since he opened up to her about struggling with impotence, which has come between him and his wife, Sally Metcalf (Sally Dynevor). The pair initially met up purely so professional nurse Aggie could reassure Tim, but the past few weeks have seen them spending a lot of time together, and they seem to share a spark. Coronation Street fans have predicted an affair between the two, and it seems viewers could be proved right. Official spoilers from the ITV soap reveal James (Nathan Graham) will decide to leave next week, could Aggie be drawn to Tim for comfort rather than her own husband? The two may begin an affair, potentially destroying Aggie and Ed’s (Trevor Michael Georges) marriage for good.

Spoilers confirm James will be offered a career opportunity he can’t pass up.

It comes when Ronnie Bailey (Vinta Morgan) informs James there’s a youth centre near Lewisham looking for a football coach.

Realising it’s close to where Danny Tomlinson (Dylan Brady) lives, James promises to call them straight away.

Later, an excited James tells Ronnie that he got the job at the youth centre and starts tomorrow.

In the bistro, James breaks the news to the family that he’s landed a great new job, but it means moving to London.

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Ed, Aggie, Michael Bailey (Ryan Russell) and Dee-Dee Bailey (Channique Sterling-Brown) bid an emotional farewell to James as he leaves the street.

The news will probably hit Aggie hard – she has been concerned about James, particularly since his terrifying health scare.

Ed still has no idea that Aggie was with Tim on the night James collapsed.

When she finally turned up at the hospital, a panicked Ed asked: “They have just taken him through for more tests, and where were you? Why didn’t you answer the phone?”

After the two were distracted, Ed never found out the truth.

Feeling upset over James leaving, and guilty for not wanting him to leave, Aggie might find herself turning to Tim for comfort.

With Ed likely to be just as upset, Aggie might feel she needs a rational perspective.

Also, Aggie has been supporting the cab driver for weeks, so the two trust each other.

However, Aggie and Tim’s morals might come under question if they find themselves getting a little too close.

It could be that Tim begins by comforting his friend, but things could escalate and the pair might begin an affair.

In typical Coronation Street fashion, it’s likely the truth will come out in an explosive fashion.

Sally and Ed will be left heartbroken, but will the two relationships be able to survive?

It’s safe to assume they won’t, and Ed might end up ending things with Aggie for good.

If the two decide to get a divorce, it’s also probable they won’t both continue to live on the Street.

Perhaps Aggie will decide to move away to get away from everything, potentially joining her son in London.

Could James’ career move spark so much chaos and Aggie’s eventual exit too?

Fans have been predicting Tim and Aggie’s close relationship could turn into something else, and probably wouldn’t be surprised if the two started an affair.

With the Baileys having become a firm favourite of Weatherfield, viewers will be disappointed to see them torn apart.

As for Sally and Tim, will they fight for their marriage, or will the four have to move on with their lives?

It could be that two couples are destroyed when the truth eventually comes out.

Coronation Street continues on Thursday at 8pm on ITV.


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