Coronation Street stalwart Steve McDonald sent to prison in horrifying twist?


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Steve (played by Simon Gregson) was left horrified during Monday evening’s double-bill of Coronation Street as he learnt his daughter Amy (Elle Mulvaney) had been spiked with GHB whilst on a night out with her boyfriend, Jacob Hay (Jack Ryan). Due to the fact the latter was introduced as a member of a drugs gang, the ITV soap stalwart cannot help but think the worst of the young troublemaker, although he is trying to turn over a new leaf. Unfortunately, in Wednesday night’s instalments of the cobbles-based drama, the situation escalates massively and as the dust settles, fans could well be calling for writers to Free Steve from prison.

The last time viewers saw Steve and Jacob together, the latter had dropped the bombshell he was in a relationship with Amy.

Both Steve and Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford) were left horrified to discover the identity of their daughter’s lover, believing he was actually a man who was a lot older.

Thinking it was the youngster who spiked the schoolgirl’s drink, Steve will be seen ordering him to stay away from Amy.

Wanting to prove his innocence, the young man will plead with his girlfriend’s parents to believe him as he isn’t involved with the gang anymore.

Having had enough of Jacob, Steve will end up assaulting the troublemaker in the hospital, in sight of numerous witnesses.

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Jacob will know Steve lashed out because he was worried about Amy but he could also see a way of making sure he gets to stay in a relationship with the schoolgirl.

The young man could go to the police and claim Steve assaulted him for no reason, meaning they could charge the stalwart with Grevious Bodily Harm.

This would result in the iconic character ending up in prison as although he could try to justify his actions, there would be witnesses to support Jacob’s claims.

With the father of four behind bars, the former drug gang member would be able to keep seeing Amy and wouldn’t feel he has to stay away at the whim of her parents.

Although Tracy would try to put up a fight, being on her own would make it easier for the teenagers to defy her orders.

“What Jacob and Amy have is something really special and it makes him feel wanted, which is something he has never had or felt in his life before,” Jack continued.

“He doesn’t want to go against Steve but he sees a future with Amy and he really wants to fight for her,” he continued, hinting his character could do anything to get the girl, including putting her father in prison.

On the moment Steve ends up punching Jacob, Jack explained: “Amy’s drink has been spiked and a lot of fingers are pointing at Jacob which is understandable given his past with drugs.

“All Jacob wants to do is see Amy but Steve wants him to have nothing to do with his daughter. Jacob is being persistent and he brings sandwiches and crisps for Steve and Tracy to try and help.

“Steve asks Jacob to leave but Jacob is pleading with Steve to let him stay. Steve’s son, Oliver, is mentioned so Steve sees red and punches Jacob.”

“Jacob is totally shocked by this; he is totally surprised and didn’t expect Steve to do that,” the soap star added.

“Jacob is so disappointed because now he knows at this point, it’s going to be near impossible to win them over. But Jacob is going to continue to fight for Amy.”

Describing being at the centre of a fight sequence, the actor said: “It was really exciting, the high action scenes are always great fun to film.

“We had a fight arranger and Simon and I went through the actions. We had a few different ideas of how we could make it work, trying things and then watching it back on camera to see what worked well.

“I think we came up with something that looks really cool. It is difficult to get the angles right when filming these sorts of scenes, you can’t just punch an actor!”

“So it has to be done in the right way. It’s very precise so we did a few takes before we felt we had got it spot on and perfect,” Jack shared.

“In the end, everyone was really happy with it and I am really excited to see the end result myself,” he added before praising his co-star Simon.

“Simon has been amazing. He is iconic to the show and he is a brilliant actor so it’s been really great to be able to work with him and learn things from him on set – I have been soaking it all in!

“Simon is everything you would expect him to be; he is really funny and we are laughing all the time.

“I have such a great time working with him and I am really excited to see the scenes on screen this week because I feel like we have worked really well together.”

Coronation Street currently airs Mondays, Wednesdays at 7:30pm and 8:30pm and Fridays at 7:30pm for an hour on ITV.



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