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Christmas tree decorations: How to use fresh flowers and plants on your spruce

A Christmas tree decorated with fresh plants and flowers could bring a natural charm to your festive centrepiece. An expert florist explained how it’s done.

Anna told “Although while most fresh flowers won’t last more than a day or two out of water, we have had a client ask for this in the past.”

However, there is a way to use natural plants on a tree. Anna suggested using berries and foliage.

“We ended up dressing the Christmas tree in berries (hypericum berries or ilex flower), different types of foliage, dried orange slices, pine cones and “love lies bleeding” draping down the tree,” she said.

Hypericum berries are berries that can range in colour from green to white, to pink to red.

Ilex flower berries are small, round and a bright, festive red.

“Love lies bleeding” is also known as amaranthus caudatus.

It’s an annual flowering plant with red flowering tendrils.

Anna went on: “Most of the flowers and decorations were wired in by hand and others glued on the tree like you would do on a Christmas wreath.”

Anna said: “The first thing to think about is where you buy your tree.

“Christmas trees that are sold at garden centres or your local town square are unfortunately sometimes already too old.

“Best place to get your tree is from a Christmas tree farm where you can cut down your own and where you know it’s freshest possible.”

Another alternative is to rent a live tree from a tree rental service.

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