Chechen leader tells Putin to consider nuclear launch after troops surrender


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The broadcast yesterday by President Putin in the grand Kremlin Palace, officially annexing Kherson, Zaporizhzhia, Donetsk and Luhansk was pure theatrics, but probably an opening gambit for saving face.

The tin-pot elections held in these four regions were completely bogus and rigged for the outcome Putin required.

Putin has stated these areas are now Russian territory, this is a means to an end.

Winter is approaching fast, and his forces are lacking resupply of vehicles and ammunition, they are demoralised, cold and hungry and are being pushed back to the Ukraine/Russian border by a successful Ukrainian army.

Putin’s call-up of conscript troops will not achieve anything.

They are untrained and ill equipped, if equipped at all.

These conscripts have been told to bring their own sleeping bags, tents, boots, food, and water.

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