Can YOU spot the red spoon? Some solve intuition test in seconds… while others are left scratching their heads

AN INTUITION game has divided opinion on the Internet – with some boasting that they nailed it in seconds, while others were left scratching their heads.

The teaser involves showing four spoons in grayscale, with viewers asked to guess which of the utensils is actually red.


Can you figure out which one of these four spoons is actually red?[/caption]

And while some people correctly identified the red spoon in seconds, others were more confused by the game in the video.

“1?” asked someone, while another person added: “I said 4 then went with 3.”

Others were quick to point out that number four was the red spoon.

“As a colour blind person… I saw this picture and said ‘orange, black, green, red’ – greyscale has its talents,” someone wrote.

“4 was obvious…… without intuition…. 1 and 3 had too be cool colours…. 2 was was obviously very dark …. Had to be ….. it’s just common sense,” another person commented.

Someone else had a more scientific explanation for the puzzle, writing: “The light of red travels very slowly, so they usually appear darker when you convert to black and white.

“This was easy.”

Other people weren’t happy with the puzzle being called “intuition”, with one writing: “It’s not intuition it’s knowing what colours look like when in black and white.”

“That’s not intuition? It’s psychology,” another person added.

Speaking of puzzles, try this mind-bending optical illusion.

Can you find the curved lines in this puzzle? It will drive you round the bend.

And try and find the 13 black dots in this optical illusion.


Number four is actually the red spoon[/caption]

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