Buffy the Vampire Slayer star weighs in on Spike and Angel finale fate


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Lenk said: “I turned into a bit of a hermit during the pandemic. I’ve started going out but it’s been hard for me to do things again. So, I really started socialising again and seeing friends again.”

He continued: “We tested the show out here in LA and my home base here, it a French theatre in the basement of a Mexican restaurant here.”

The star said he was slightly daunted by these early performances, explaining: “So I was little nervous about, ‘Oh we’re going to shove a bunch of people into a basement?’ But I think I’ve gotten used to it. The whole audience was wearing masks.”

He added: “I think I’m out of my nervous zone but enjoying… it was hard, like, ‘How do you remember lines? How do they stay in my head?’ But I’m warmed up and ready.”

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