British tourists call for EU holiday ‘boycott’ and claim new holiday fee is ‘unwelcome’


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The ETIAS will be introduced in November 2023 and will charge Britons seven euros (£5.88) to travel to the EU. Britons will have to pay the fee every three years as part of the new security and borders system. commenters shared their opinions about the new ETIAS with one tourist calling for a holiday boycott.

‘Nelson Montgomery’ said: “Boycott the EU. There’s plenty of amazing places to visit right here in the UK.”

Another commenter added: “It’s a no brainer. If the EU countries make tourists feel unwelcome, they just won’t go there.

“It’ll really harm the tourist industry.”

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The recent travel chaos has encouraged more Britons to holiday at home and take a staycation.

It’s possible that some Britons will choose to staycation rather than pay for the ETIAS visa scheme.

‘Ursula Hainsworth’ said: “Then the Brits should stop supporting EU tourism and start supporting British tourism instead.”

The ETIAS scheme will apply to all non-EU tourists and Britons will be included in it after leaving the EU.


While some Britons said they would no longer travel to the EU once the fee was introduced, others weren’t put off.

‘Bri9066’ said: “It’s a couple of quid so will not stop the vast majority going to their favourite holiday destinations.”

‘Laura’ said: “A small price, well-worth paying for the privilege of being in Europe but not in the EU.”

Another reader pointed out that it cost a lot more money to travel to the USA and thought £6 sounded like a “bargain”.

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The ETIAS scheme was designed by the EU to strengthen border control and improve security in the Schengen area.

The Schengen area consists of 27 countries including the popular holiday destinations of Spain, Greece, Italy and France.

Britons will need to apply for an ETIAS every three years or if their passport expires before the end of the three year period.

It is expected to take minutes for the majority of applicants although in complicated cases it could take as long as 60 days.


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