Brexit POLL: Has Boris Johnson failed to deliver your expectations of Brexit?


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Prime Minister Boris Johnson has faced calls to resign in recent months from inside the Conservative Party and beyond. The publication of the Sue Gray report and conclusion of the Metropolitan Police investigation into pandemic rule-breaking at Downing Street have prompted speculation over whether Partygate could bring Mr Johnson down or result in the Tories losing the next election.

However, polling suggests that if Labour takes office, it will be due to factors other than Partygate.

Bow Group Chairman Ben Harris-Quinney told there was “absolutely no question” that the Partygate row has “severely damaged” Mr Johnson’s Conservative Party.

He added that the “greater issue”, however, was its “failure to deliver on what patriotic Brexit voters wanted”.

Mr Harris-Quinney referenced YouGov polling which shows Mr Johnson’s unfavorability increased by 27 points between April 2021 and October of the same year.

This was in comparison to a 12 point increase in opinion between November 2021 and January 2022 during the Partygate row.

Mr Harris-Quinney explained voters “put their trust in Boris in 2019 that he was going to return the Conservative Party to conservatism, and that trust has been lost”.

Immigration was a key area of policy which remains a bug vote decider, yet last year over a million migrants came to the UK, more than under any other UK Government.

Mr Harris-Quinney explained: “The biggest driver behind Brexit was immigration, and the feeling was that post-Brexit the government would dramatically reduce immigration, rather than dramatically increase it.”

He also thought Mr Johnson had failed Brexit-backing voters in his handling of other matters, including the tackling of “divisive” woke politics, managing the economy by “spending and taxing like no government in history” and the consideration of civil liberties during the pandemic.


He said: “It is quite simply not a conservative Government and not a Brexit Government.

“That’s why the people that voted it into power are calling final time on a Conservative Party that refuses to learn the lesson – that when people vote Conservative, they expect conservatism.”

A YouGov poll this week found that if an election were to be held in today’s political climate, all but three “Red Wall” seats won by Mr Johnson in 2019 would flip back to Labour.

So what do YOU think? Has Boris failed to deliver your expectations of Brexit? Vote in our poll and join the debate in the comment section below.


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