Brexit Britain 'stronger than ever' against EU as energy masterplan sparks economic boost


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According to Graham Hoare, the President of Britishvolt, the UK is becoming a “very strong” place for new start-ups to launch. Britishvolt is a company that’s set to build Britain’s first large-scale “gigafactory”. The new electric car battery factory will be built near Blyth, in Northumberland, and is one of two major UK battery manufacturing projects.

It is expected to have a significant impact on the UK’s electric vehicle industry, as the presence of a battery manufacturer would incentivise EV producers to manufacture their vehicles here.

Speaking to, Mr Hoare said: “I think the fundamentals in the UK now for new start-ups to come and base their business in Britain are stronger than they have been in many years. 

“The ecosystem to develop new projects in Britain, whether that’s batteries or vehicles, is very strong. 

“I’d very much encourage new startups to do what we’re doing and dive in and make it happen because the UK’s a very rich place to actually engineer and manufacture products of the future in this new industrial revolution.” 

However, Mr Hoare also warned that the automotive industry in the UK has been facing many challenges since Brexit, particularly around a shortage of semiconductors. 

He said: “In the auto industry, we still have challenges in supply chains, mainly around semiconductors, which means that the auto industry has had a difficult few years.”

Last month, experts warned that the global semiconductor chip shortage would continue to damage British car sales throughout this year and well into 2023.

These chips are now used in all aspects of a car, from brake sensors to power steering to entertainment systems. 

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The plan claimed to support up to 250,000 green jobs and promised to mobilise £12billion of government investment.

Mr Hoare highlighted that there are only a limited number of gigafactories benign constructed across the continent. 

He said that the challenge for companies looking to build a battery manufacturing plant in Europe is finding “the right real estate that has the right fundamentals, the right clean energy, and other things like infrastructure. but also, the ability to get a project off the ground. 

“I think in the UK, because the strategy of the country, through Boris Johnson’s “Ten-Point-Plan”, we are becoming much stronger and more definitive about the aspirations for leadership in this space. 

“I think we’ve made great progress in some of those steps at very fast speeds.

“I also think that the ecosystem created over the past few years, particularly the battery technology has really accelerated companies like Britishvolt and allowed them to move much faster than possible without.” 


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