'Bizarre thing to do: Putin's strategy behind Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline leaks exposed


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European leaders have said sabotage is the most likely cause for leaks in two Baltic Sea gas pipeline between Russia and Europe after explosions were reported around the Nord Stream 1 pipelines on Tuesday. While European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has so far held off from accusing anyone, Ukraine has pinned down the blame on Russia, accusing it of a “terrorist attack”. Conservative MP Bob Seely argues Vladimir Putin is probably behind the explosions.

When asked who is behind the leaks, MP Bob said: “There’s no chance it would be anything else apart from the Russians. 

“There’s a tiny, tiny chance it might be an accident. I put that out there but I don’t believe for one second that it is. 

“It’s the Russians destroying their own kit and it’s a bizarre thing to do if there is a logic to it.”

Mr Seely elaborated: “One because they weren’t supplying gas through these pipelines.

“So, blowing it up sends a signal of escalation and of hostility to the West. 

“They can always supply through the Druzhba pipeline that goes through Belarus, Ukraine, and Poland, etc. – and indeed TurkStream through the Black Sea. 

“It creates uncertainty because if you’re destroying pipelines, more is going to be destroyed.”

Two of the leaks happened close to the double Nord Stream 1 pipeline in the northeast of Denmark’s Bornholm island.

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