Angry Brit jumps in front of combine harvester after 'sandwich covered in dust' – VID


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Video footage of an angry man standing in front of a combine harvester, in the middle of a field began to circulate on the internet. The dispute was caused because of dust, from the harvest landing on the angry man’s sandwich. The footage shows him dangerously walking into the Berkshire farmer’s field and standing in front of the combine harvester as it moves towards him. Many British farmers are hard at work collecting this year’s harvest for winter, so it is a busy season for many.

The video clip was posted on Twitter by a user who goes by Berkshire Farm Girl.

At the start of the video, a  woman begins to record the man standing in the middle of an open field, in front of the combine harvester in Berkshire.

A thick cloud of dust can be seen around the harvesting machine, which is actively running through the field.

As she pulls up to the man in her car, he comes over and steps away from the heavy machinery and begins to walk over when asked.

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@Andytrdmntrucka said: “When will people get it, the countryside is not a theme park, it’s a workplace. Keep up the good work harvest 22.”

@Rabbs7777 said: “He’s made it to a fair old age without knowing what goes on in and around farms. We had someone complain about late-night silage operations…. that field got a fresh load of slurry every day for a fortnight. Patience nil.”

@Tdr1nka said: “‘Have you been through a Harvester before Sir?'”

@The_Sodbuster said: “I also have a field next to my house, and had a similar experience. The farmer next door was putting lime on his field, he ended up covering my entire property in a thick layer of dust. Everything. So I feel this old guys frustration.”



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