Andrew looking grumpy on solo horse ride as Duke faces fears for future under Charles


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Prince Andrew was seen taking a solo horse ride in his first appearance since the Queen’s funeral. He was wearing a blue jumper as he road along the River Thames in Windsor, the Royal family remains in mourning until Monday, seven days after Her Majesty’s funeral.

Following the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the Prince briefly returned to the public eye to mourn the loss of his mother.

Prince Andrew, 62, was stripped of his titles in January after details emerged about his relationship with convicted paedophile, the late Jeffery Epstein.

It is believed that King Charles III was instrumental in the decision to strip his brother of the titles.

Despite Prince Andrew’s appearance at the state ceremonies for Her Majesty, it is not expected he will return to public life.

The Prince was allowed to wear his ceremonial uniform at the Queen’s vigil. His last public appearance was in March at a memorial service to Philip, Duke of Edinburgh who died last year.

The Prince arrived with the Queen and helped her as she was using a walking stick. He helped her back out of the church at the end of the service.

Prince William and King Charles III reportedly raised concerns about the optics of allowing Prince Andrew to appear at such a major public event.

Both thought it was “unnecessary” to allow him to partake in such an event, according to The Mirror.

However, the Queen reportedly overruled them and allowed Andrew to accompany her, the two are thought to have had a very close relationship.

Now that Charles is King, he is reported to be planning a slimmed-down Monarchy which could lead to Andrew being kicked out his Windsor mansion as King Charles III reviews the Crown’s property portfolio.


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