‘Always miss British food and banter’ British expat in the USA explains the differences

Vinny told that he sometimes watches British TV clips to catch some UK banter.

He said: “I miss the culture of the UK tremendously. I miss British food, entertainment and banter.

“I often find myself watching clips of morning shows like ‘This Morning’ just to feel connected to it. I also miss my family and friends.”

The pandemic has meant that Vinny has been separated from friends and family for far longer than he’d have liked.
He said: “My initial plan was to always visit at least once a year, if not every other year. I’ve had several plans to return to the UK over the past three years, but Covid happened.

“There have been numerous periods of time where I wanted to travel home, but it’s always been a risk with lockdowns and new variants constantly halting any plans.

“I am currently booked to return to the UK in December and every day there are new updates with the regulations which have been increasingly difficult to handle.”

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