'All options on the table' Germany ambassador warns EU to hit out if Brexit deal ignored


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The German Ambassador insisted the UK should agree to renegotiations within the terms of the Brexit protocol instead of trying to circumvent the agreement. He said the European Union is hoping the British Government will shelve the controversial Northern Ireland Bill, warning of the risks it poses to the country’s international standing. Asked whether the bloc is ready to retaliate should the UK ignore Brussels’ requests for renegotiating, he insisted “all options are on the table.”

Speaking to Sky News’s Sophy Ridge on Sunday, Mr Berger said: “It will obviously be seen as a challenge to international law, and to rule of law in general.

“The best that can be done is to go back into legality, and that means let’s negotiate, let’s find technical and practical solutions on the basis of the Protocol.

“The European Union is ready to do that but what we also cannot accept is a challenged and a risk to our internal market.

“All options are on the table and I would not exclude any of that.”

He added: “But really, our call let’s go back into negotiations. This is doable, it’s solvable and it’s in the best interests of Northern Ireland.”



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