1883’s Tim McGraw admits Faith Hill slapped him in iconic Yellowstone moment ‘Concussed!’


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Stars Tim McGraw and Faith Hill may have been married for 25 years, but that didn’t stop Faith from unleashing a painful slap to her husband’s face for this year’s Yellowstone spin-off. Revealing more about his time shooting the Paramount+ series, Tim revealed he started to wonder if he had angered his wife somehow after she failed to pull her punches for several takes.

Actor and singer Tim was slapped by his wife Faith for real several times in the row for Paramount’s hit Yellowstone prequel, 1883.

The country stars portrayed James and Margaret Dutton in the limited series, the 19th Century ancestors of ranch owner John Dutton (played by Kevin Costner).

Tim explained they wanted to completely immerse themselves in the roles in the hope their fans would forget they were watching two well-known musicians.

“We said, ‘you know, it’s going to be tough, because people are going to see Faith and Tim on screen, and we have to overcome that,’” he recalled.

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“So we sort of gave each other a high five and gave each other a kiss and said, ‘The only way to do it is to try to be good at it.’”

Their method was clearly successful, as 1883 became almost as popular as Paramount’s modern-day counterpart.

Although Tim and Faith won’t be returning to their roles for a second season, their journey across the Oregon Trail has become a vital part of the Yellowstone saga.

Speaking to talk show host Jimmy Fallon during his appearance on The Tonight Show, Tim revealed their commitment to their performance went a little too far during a heated scene between the husband and wife.

“However, there was a scene that we did where she had to slap me,” he said.

Jimmy clarified: “Well, it’s not a real slap, it’s a TV slap.”

“No, that was a real slap,” Tim insisted, prompting a laugh from the host.

Jimmy asked if the slap had been Tim’s idea, to which he confirmed: “Well, we had talked about it before.

“You know, we don’t want to do a TV slap, we wanted a real slap.”

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Tim and Faith wanted James and Margaret’s furious argument to feel as real as possible, which, unfortunately for Tim, meant being at the receiving end of Faith’s open palm.

After trying several times, Tim began to wonder if his on-screen and real-life partner was channelling something from their personal lives to hit him as hard as possible.

He continued: “But after about the eighth take, when I was concussed a bit, I told her afterward, I said ‘do we need to talk?’

“‘Is there something going on I don’t know about?’ I was expecting, like a good finger slap. No, it was a palm. It was like Rocky hitting me.”

Tim may have been left with a red face by the end of this particularly gruelling day of filming, but it was all in service of crafting one of the most epic Western dramas to hit screens in recent years.

After some speculation from Yellowstone fans, 1883 was later confirmed to have been a miniseries which, sadly, won’t continue for a second season.

Thankfully, the Dutton story is far from over, and there are at least two more spin-offs (1932 and 6666) in the works in addition to the upcoming fifth season of the flagship drama.

1883 is available on Paramount+. A UK release date has yet to be announced.



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